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About Me

VickyMy name is Victoria Sedgwick.
I own Tatty Tutus Dress Agency and have once had a lovely little shop in Ticehurst.

I have a lovely husband, 4 amazing children, large dog and chickens…great friends and a business that I love.

Getting here has not been easy, but that makes the prize all the more precious !I have always loved playing dress up, shaking off my older brothers hand me down cords, wellies and parka coat and slipping on mums over sized heels and silky dressing gown and a pair of long evening gloves.

Second hand clothes were the norm in my house as I grew up and jumble sales every week ..boot fairs. A new outfit most Monday mornings during my sixth form days …I was addicted and loved the thrill of adding a belt, a bit of fabric dye a few stitches here and there and voila – my own style. I never thought until recently that having so much fun could become a business and that others would share in the bargains and feel the healing benefits that a new top or pair of shoes can bring.

As I grew up I enjoyed the thrill of a new outfit and the way that people reacted to you depending on how you dressed. I loved to shock by throwing on my ” bikers jacket” and leathers! I went through the DJ and tutu look of the 80’s, embraced the Dynasty look in my working life and learnt a great deal from the european ladies through my international work

Having lived in Chelsea, Chester, Paris and New Zealand I developed a very diverse but inspired sense of dress and very expensive tastes! Unfortunately, ( I am not alone in this I am sure )I tended to walk in to a shop and fall in love with the priciest item at 20 paces without blinking. Usually I would leave swiftly with a sulk and a flounce vowing one day I would wear what I wanted when I wanted!

I totally believe in retail therapy – the colour you wear, the height of a heel or the fit of a dress can make you feel a million dollars if you get it right but can cost just as much if you are not careful…but it can be done on a budget and I love sharing the thrill !

And so when the eldest children were flying the nest and the younger two settled in school…thoughts of what am I going to do with my time ..led to many dog walking conversations and eventually the Tattys plan came together… and Karen I will always be grateful to you for the hours of listening, support advice patience and inspiration. And Richard I am totally blessed to have your support and thank you for allowing me to have my shop in Ticehurst for a while x

The shop is now closed so my business is to be transformed (all very exciting) into another little gem and I’m now planning new adventures for Tattys. Keep an eye out, we’ll be back soon.